Vegetable Curry

From: £100

A delicious Indian style Curry made with mixed vegetables, fresh herbs and spices!

25 Servings

Bain-Marie Security Deposit

Each Bain-Marie incurs a £25 deposit. This will be refunded in full unless items are damaged, unclean or not returned.


Bain-Marie Cleaning

Cleaning service for 1 Bain-Marie.

Cancellation Policy

Please check our Allergen Matrix or contact our team via email [email protected] for any information on allergies and intolerances before placing your order.

Please note that we cannot guarantee any food is allergen-free. The food and its packaging may come into contact with allergens during preparation, cooking or delivery. The food is produced in kitchens where allergens are handled and where equipment and utensils are used for multiple food items, including those containing allergens.

A delicious Indian-style Curry made with mixed vegetables, fresh herbs, and spices!

Please note the following before placing your order:

– All hot food is served in a Baine Marie or Chafing Dish
– These are heated with gel burners upon their arrival at your venue
– Gel burgers will burn for approx. 2 hours
– Food must be piping hot before consumption
– The food may take between 45 minutes and 1hr to heat up as required (dependant on environmental conditions)
– Please take this heating time into consideration when selecting your time slot
– Food is the event planner’s responsibility once out of our possession
– If food service is required, we will ensure food is at a safe temperature to eat


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