Credit Terms

In addition to our standard Terms & Conditions, credit customers should also be aware of the following credit terms.


Once a credit application has been submitted, the applicant’s details shall be checked by Whitehouse Foods Ltd accounts department. If any discrepancies are found or any further information is required, the applicant will be contacted via email in order to retrieve the necessary information. Relevant business checks shall be conducted and a decision made based upon these and references given.

If the application is successful, the applicant will receive a response via email outlining the terms proposed by Whitehouse Foods Ltd. These may vary from one customer to another and can be either accepted or denied by the applicant. Upon acceptance, the customer’s account will be set up on the database and the customer will be informed of their login credentials.

If the application is unsuccessful or the applicant denies the proposed credit terms then the applicant will receive notification of this via email. The application will be terminated and the customer will only have access to upfront payment methods.


Orders shall be made in-store by Whitehouse Catering Staff or online by the credit customer.

Where the credit customer is placing their order, they should firstly log on using their credentials on the ‘Account‘ page. They should then make their selections, either from our standard selection or bespoke options available in their dedicated area.


During the checkout process, the credit customer should check all billing and delivery details are correct. They are then able to select an immediate payment method or create an order proposal. The customer will then be notified of this order proposal via email (check spam folder), which will contain the order proposal as an attachment. This order proposal should be accepted or denied within 14 days of creation (after this time, the order will be automatically cancelled).

To accept this order proposal, the customer must follow the link provided in the proposal email or visit the ‘Orders‘ section on their account. Once the ‘Accept Order Proposal’ has been triggered the Order Proposal will convert to an Order Invoice. The credit customer should be aware that by accepting the order proposal they are accepting the terms set out during the application process and are bound by these terms. Payment deadlines are calculated from the Invoice creation date NOT the delivery or collection date.

Account Suspension

Credit customer must notify Whitehouse Foods Ltd Accounts team via email ([email protected]) if there are any issues with payment or payment deadlines. A solution will be achieved where possible.

If an invoice becomes overdue, the credit customer’s account will be suspended until the outstanding amount has been settled. During an account suspension, the credit customer will only have access to upfront payment methods. Upon settlement, full credit permissions will be reinstated.

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