Privacy Policy

What we do with your Data

As part of our privacy policy, we abide by the rules and guidelines set out in the Data protection Act 1998.

After Placing your Order

Whitehouse Catering may use the information you enter onto to contact you regarding your order. This includes, email, telephone number and address.

This site may use your email address to generate automatic emails relating to items left in your cart before completing the checkout process.

Acceptance of Marketing

During the checkout process, there is an option to either opt in or opt out of any future marketing information from us. We shall honour this option to the best of our ability and knowledge.

Third Parties

We do not sell or allow third parties access to your personal details.

Card Payments

All of our online payments are security protected (note https:// rather than http://) and fully PCI compliant. Customers have the option to store credit card details during the checkout process. Our payment processor deals with all payment details. We do not store theses details on our site.

This privacy policy is given without prejudice and is not limited by its current content.

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