Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Please review our cancellation policy before placing your order with us.

We understand that certain situations are out of your control. In short, the only option for you may be to cancel your event and catering. Therefore, we have created a tiered Cancellation Policy. We base this policy upon the notice period given. Most importantly, the more notice given the better the cancellation result.

These tiers reflect the costs involved. Specifically, the possibility of filling the time slot, the cost of food we prepare and the administration costs involved.

Below is a list of notification timeframes and the corresponding cancellation policy.

To clarify, we are basing our cancellation time frame examples on the following order:

Cancellation Notice Period & Result

To conclude, these are strict rules for cancelling our catering services. These overrule any other communication regarding cancellation. Therefore, it is of vital importance that you read and understand them before placing your order.