Wedding Catering for the Modern Couple

Wedding Table

Exciting, emotional… expensive. Weddings are big business and if you’re in the process of arranging your wedding, you’ll be fully aware of the mounting costs. A huge part of this expense is the wedding catering and we’re here to give you advice on how to stick to or even slash your budget, whilst still impressing your guests.

The Times They Are A Changin’

Traditions aren’t as strict as they once were. Many are opting to buck the typical trends and make up their own rules when it comes to their wedding. Over three-quarters of all newlyweds are now opting for a non-religious ceremony. Similarly, same-sex marriage is on the rise and more people are now opting to get married later in life. This personalisation has continued into dress colours, flower choices and venues. However, the wedding breakfast is one thing that couples are still hanging on to.

Wedding Planning

You might be the type that is super organised, with files, folders and mood boards for your big day. If that sums you up then you really don’t need our advice. However, you might be struggling with it all and can’t even decide who to uninvite (unvite? devite?) to keep to your numbers. If this sounds a bit more realistic then the Bridebook website or app on android & iOS could be really helpful. It’s an award-winning wedding planning system that helps you check every job off the list.

Bridebook also produces a very useful annual wedding report: find out where you fit in the national statistics. Interestingly, it reveals that Food & Drink was the area where most couples overspend.

Wedding Catering Overspending
Data gathered from The UK Wedding Report 2018.pdf
from Bethany Wright (Bridebook)

Change Up Your Wedding Catering

Not only was Food & Drink the area which caused the most prolific overspending, but it is also the second-largest average expense after the venue hire. The cost of a venue is difficult to haggle but change up your Wedding Catering and you can save a bundle.

Firstly, check that your venue allows outside catering. Some venues provide their own (more expensive) catering and aren’t too keen on having another company provide this service. However, we’d always suggest asking the question.

Then decide if you really need a wedding breakfast as well as evening catering. You could always opt to have a later ceremony and go for one large meal in the evening. Furthermore, you could even do away with the wedding breakfast altogether. Why not keep things relaxed yet classy with our Premium Set Catering option? Or why not select mains and sides from our Hot Food offerings and have our expert staff on hand to serve your guests?

Average Costs of Wedding Suppliers
Data gathered from The UK Wedding Report 2018.pdf
from Bethany Wright (Bridebook)

More Ways to Save

  • Tell suppliers you’re having a celebration NOT a wedding.
  • Use a Credit Card wherever possible for added protection.
  • Avoid Saturdays and summer months.
  • Visit Jewellery districts such as the Jewellery Quarter.
  • And last but not least, haggle, haggle, haggle!